Day in the life


Here it goes. I read a blog and laughed at all the similarities I found in my own life. I hope you enjoy this snapshot into our lives.

5:25 am: husband leaves for work.

6 am: my alarm goes off.

7 am: I must have hit snooze! Oh no. Quickly get my bearings and waiver back and forth: exercise-devotions-exercise-devotions. Devotions win.

7:45 am: dress quickly to run downstairs and do quick core workout before the 3 kiddos get up. S gets up and wanders around aimlessly since he can’t watch PBS this morning. “Read a book,” I say.

8:08 am: M is up. S and M come to the basement for me to help them open her new craft we bought on a date last night. Pause video.

8:10 am: Pause again. I’m too hungry! I’m going to barf if I don’t go eat breakfast right now.

8:42 am: We finally sit down to eat breakfast after the improv art class happening in the kitchen.

9:11 am: M and C are in the bathtub. It’s day 12 of chicken pox for the girls, so bath is helpful in getting sores all washed off. Just washed toilet, sinks and mirrors. Now I get S started on Horizons Math 2 to keep an ear on the girls. Meanwhile: monitor his math, make my bed, pick up my room.

9:45 am: Get girls dressed, brush hair and teeth, make beds.

10 am: Down to the classroom/basement. S finished 1/2 Math test upstairs. Pledge of allegiance, review Bible verse and character trait (faithfulness) then read about William Penn in history while S & M do their penmanship. Scold S about 10 times to stop whistling, stop grabbing M’s pencil and eraser, stop talking to her while I’m reading…Meanwhile C is doing awesome playing nearby with kitchen and dollhouse.

10:35 am: S moves on to vocabulary words. Write 3 words and copy the definition. It’s M’s turn to practice reading with me. C bumps her head and the long, happy streak of her playing happily on the floor all by herself is now over. C sits on my lap while M finishes up reading to me.

10:48 am: S has written 1 vocab word.

11 am: S and M finish their assignments. Potty-break for me! Kids start playing house together. I take two-day-old clean laundry out of the dryer and get it up to the main floor. I check email on my ipod in the bathroom.

11:15 am: Snack time! Everyone’s starving, but first, kids, we need to clean up the breakfast dishes!

11:30 am: Spend 5 min. prepping science lesson (which I forgot to do yesterday). Three kids continue playing house. Imaginative, free play is good for the soul, right?

11:35 am: Science: Learned about germs and B-cells and T-cells and K-cells and viruses in the bloodstream. I followed the directions but had no idea what I was doing. Instructions were not well done. Kids didn’t notice.

12: Read-aloud for today is The Happy Hollisters, an excellent book we’ve all been enjoying. Written in the 50s…I grew up reading these books and have been collecting them ever since.

12:30 pm: I can’t read anymore without slurring my words…S, M and C go outside to play while I make lunch. 69 degrees and sunny!

12:45 pm: lunch on the deck, which is full of leaves and needs to be raked.

1:05 pm: Clean up lunch, figure out what’s for dinner, and start thawing the meat.

1:20 pm: Go find C to spend a few minutes with her before naptime. S is shooting airsoft gun in backyard, M & C are playing on the swing.

2:12 pm: C is taking a nap. S and M are doing their Horizon Math lessons. I pound snaps into a t-shirt I’m modifying for a friend who is going into the hospital. S and M are at the kitchen table, dishwasher is roaring, I’m pounding snaps with a hammer on the counter, and S’s mouth is running—I just threatened to pull out the duct tape…S is highly distracted watching M finish her lesson. He pauses to turn his water bottle into a machine gun.

2:18 pm: M starts Explode the Code. Which reminds me, I need to get online and buy the next workbook & the 1st grade penmanship book since she is almost done with these. S finished Math and is now on track with M.

2:45 pm: free time for S & M. C is almost done napping. My goals? Finish abs workout from this morning, pack up sewing machine for project at church tonight, make dinner, shower, and have everyone done eating dinner by 5 pm so we can hit Costco and the library before arriving at church by 6 pm for Kids Choir. Laundry and emails will not happen today.

3:30 pm: hop in shower. C is up. I finished abs workout and answered two emails! Had tons of ideas in the shower, but forgot them all. The kids took turns playing my iPod and finishing up their artwork from this morning.

4 pm: start dinner and have M help unload dishwasher. Have S review Wednesday night verses.

5 pm: out the door. Only have enough time for the library.

6 pm: Kids Choir at church for M. S and C play outside.

7 pm: Wednesday night programming at church. I help by letting 5th and 6th graders use my sewing machine to make pillowcases for sick children.

8:50 pm: See hubby for the first time all day. Drive home from church, separately. Receive first letter from A (who is in third week of Navy boot camp). He’s doing super well! Watch a bit of the Tigers game (they’re in the World Series). Have snack (since we ate dinner at 4:30 pm). Brush teeth and bed for the girls.

9:55 pm: DONE—I’m going to bed. Hubby and S are still on couch reading the Bible.


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